The Committee


César Ferradas

Hey! I’m a Computer Science Undergraduate student at UCL. I became vegan the 12th of June 2014. Veganism has been life changing for me. I went from an avid meat lover that had steak and ham daily to a vegan animal rights activist. I want to inspire others to change their lives and the lives of others (animals) in the same way I did. I believe veganism is the fastest growing and most important social justice movement that humanity is facing today. Most of the pressing issues we struggle with at the moment can be solved on an individual level with veganism: environmental degradation, animal abuse and public health. As president I promise to do my best this year to make VegSoc become a more important society in UCL and to help its members to become confident in their veganism. Because the world needs it.



Minttu Alakuijala

Hey, my name is Minttu and I’m your Treasurer for the year 2017-18. I’m a 4th year MEng Computer Science student — so I should be very familiar with the ins and outs of UCL life by now (I hope). My main responsibilities in VegSoc include anything funding related, but I look forward to getting involved with organising events such as socials, cooking classes and restaurant outings, too! I went from a no-red-meat to a vegan diet in May 2016 after learning about the damage my meat and dairy consumption was causing. I feel that going vegan has given me a more empathetic and altruistic outlook overall, and I find it really rewarding to be able to live according to my values of nonviolence and sustainability. It’s been exciting to see the vegan movement grow in popularity over the past year and I want to do my part in securing UCL students access to compassionate and environmentally friendly choices and in promoting discussion on food-related ethics on campus. In my free time, I climb, pole dance, try to keep up to date with world events and have lively discussions at VegSoc coffee socials whenever I get a chance.


General Secretary

Cameron Kemp

Hey there! I’m a third year Mathematics with Physics undergraduate student and I became vegan in February 2016 after forcing myself to watch Earthlings, I was pescetarian beforehand but only went pescetarian because of a New Year’s resolution. Now, however, I’m widely concerned with animal liberation and loving our four legged friends…especially dogs, dogs are sick, way better than cats as well. I’ll be the general secretary for this year so I hope to see most of you throughout this year so we can have some off the charts bants. In my free-time I enjoy deafening my ears with SlipKnot and screaming whilst under a heavy load i.e. powerlifting so if any of you wanna training partner hit me up, peace


Campaigns Officer

Annie Wood

Hi everyone! I’m a fourth year Law with Hispanic Law student. I have just returned from my year abroad in Madrid, where I helped the society in a more administrative/online role. My first year with the society, two years ago, I worked a lot on organising events and campaigns in the society, and it is this role I will be continuing with this year. In my spare time I read a lot – from Sophie Kinsella right up to Tolkein and Austen, so no discrimination (or class) at all – and I have a dog and a cat who I adore. If you have any questions, I’m always happy to help, or can direct you towards someone who can!


Events Manager

Laura Foody

My names Laura and I’m a third year computer science student here at UCL. I turned vegan two years ago after being vegetarian for just 6 months, and since then have become increasingly passionate about the environment and animal rights. If I’m not studying, which is more often than I should admit, you’ll find me in the gym, in the kitchen, reading a good book, or just generally procrastinating. I’m also embarrassingly into astrology so if you want to know how planetary and astral alignment affected your personality, I’m your girl!