The Society

Welcome to the VegSoc website! We are UCL’s Vegetarian and Vegan Society, but we are open to all diets and lifestyles – if you just want to know a bit about the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, if you love the food, if you’re plant-based or if you’re environmentally conscious, you are 100% welcome to come to any of our events. All we ask is that you keep an open mind towards others and always show respect. In the past we’ve had a very high number of omnivores (called omnis for short) attend our events just for the experience or to make friends, and they’re never beaten with stones (unless they’re mean about vegan cheese, in which case stoning is a requirement). Also don’t feel embarrassed to come alone – lots of other people will also be solo, and a member of the committee is always milling nearby to break up any awkward silences.

Throughout the year we will be holding a number of events – from campaign participation (marches, MFM) to national events (VegFest!) to society events (think free pizza) – which we will advertise on the website and Facebook page. We also hold a Coffee Social every Monday between 12 and 1 (check the Facebook page for venue and to confirm it is on each week), and regularly have impromptu meet-ups between ourselves – it’s a very open, social and friendly society.

As a result, we are always open to suggestions by members for future events, so if you have any ideas, or if you want to help out with a particular event, just send us a message on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy your year at UCL!